Welcome to Knee Deep in Data

During my time working with SQL Server and data related technologies, I’ve learned a great deal from authors who have posted numerous blog posts, written countless articles, and authored extremely helpful books. While it could be said that I’ve done the hard work of reading thousands of pages of books, blog posts, articles, and white papers, we all know the real tough work was done by those laying down the mountain of supporting information that I have been climbing up for several years.

In fact, I like to think there is so much quality information available, that we are swimming in it. The real challenge has become wading through the information that exists in order to find what we are looking for quickly and easily so we can solve our current problems at hand.

Hence why “Knee Deep in Data” was born.

Here I will attempt to find relevant content, filter it, curate it, and work to make it easily available for others. I will also work to contribute my own thoughts and experiences in the hope that it will help someone as well.

Lastly, this site is my attempt to say thank you to the SQL Server community that has given so much to me. I can’t say thank you enough to the fellow I.T. Professionals I’ve posed questions to over the years, or those responding to questions I’ve posted on various sites out there. Their generosity and eagerness to help is what makes me think of creating a site like this for others. If I can give back enough to help just one person in need in our community, I will have considered my effort on this site a success.