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This table was created as an effort to curate and organize the excellent scripts found during my travels, and represents curated copies of what are, in my opinion, useful scripts.  It is my intent to highlight the author’s great work, to guide others towards each author so that readers of this blog can be exposed to the many authors that I follow, and to give proper credit to their creators. Please visit their sites and support these authors as I believe they are all incredible resources for the SQL Server community.

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You have been warned.

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Determine whether a table with Data in it would benefit from compression

SQL Server provides the sp_estimate_data_compression_savings stored procedure to help you determine whether a table with data in it would benefit from compression.
For more information about table compression, see “Data Compression” at
and “sp_estimate_data_compression_savings (Transact-SQL)” at (Page 275)
sp_estimate_data_compression_savings, Table CompressionItzik Ben-Gan